Eclectus Parrot Book

An Eclectus book unlike any other

The Ultimate Guide to Eclectus Parrots is the first comprehensive eBook dedicated to assisting companion Eclectus owners. With over 380 pages of content, 245 full color photos, 14 videos and 40 illustrations*; this book sets itself apart from any Eclectus book on the market.

An Eclectus specialist and self confessed parrot addict, the Author writes in a friendly, easy to read manner. She provides information and advice based on over a decade of experience keeping and breeding companion Eclectus parrots.

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Healthy Eclectus Parrot

Your Eckie deserves
nothing but the best

Eckie slaves everywhere can feel confident knowing they are providing their Eckie with the best care possible. Learn about the Eckie molt and how to cater to your Eckie's many dietary needs. Become an expert in poop'ology. Learn the importance of weight checks and understand what to do in an emergency situation. Know how to overcome hormonal challenges while strengthening the bond you share with your Eckie.

Healthy Eclectus neonate baby

Are you a soon-to-be
Eclectus parent?

The Author shares vital questions to ask when purchasing your first and subsequent Eclectus. Understand the importance of these questions from an aviculturists perspective. She reveals how to choose a healthy, well socialized Eckie raised by an experienced breeder.

Are male Eclectus better than females?

Male vs Female
The battle of the sexes

Understand the difference between male and female Eclectus and the myths surrounding Eckies as pets. Learn about the many unique and endearing quirks of the Eclectus parrot.

Parrot proof your home

Keep your Eckie safe

The home can be a dangerous place for our feathered friends. Learn about dangers in the home and how to keep your Eckie safe. Understand the risks of heavy metal poisoning and how to prevent this deadly illness. Discover how to recognize clinical symptoms and follow step by step instructions to ensure your Eckie receives vital and immediate medical care.

Guide to Eclectus parrots available on the iPad

14 HD quality videos* provide
insight into life as an Eckie parent

Watch the Author and designer interact with their breeding Eckies in their large communal flight. Enjoy the antics of shower time at Parrot Haven and watch as Cletus talks under water. Then meet the very talented Eckie hen, Phoenix. Listen as she composes her unique song and sings a haunting yet beautiful tune.

Healthy Eclectus development

Developmental timeline

Experience the miracle of avian birth from conception to hatching. Understand different developmental stages as you journey through the world of a maturing Eckie. Then enjoy the story of 'Red', the enigmatic, head strong Eckie hen. It is a story of love, trust and friendship.

Full list of topics covered


About Eclectus Parrots

  • Eckies in the wild
  • The miracle of life
  • The battle of the sexes

Choosing Your Eclectus

  • Choosing the right breeder
  • The importance of follow-up service
  • Vet check
  • The dangers of buying an unweaned bird

Caring For Your Eclectus

  • Cage size and setup
  • Bringing your new Eckie home
  • Bonding
  • The blinking game
  • Establishing a routine
  • Baby calls and noise factor

The Eclectus Diet

  • Dietary needs
  • Sprouted seed
  • Egg and biscuit
  • Recipes

Eclectus Health

  • The Eclectus molt
  • Born to fly
  • Poopology
  • Weight checks
  • The importance of worming
  • Nail trimming
  • Stress bars and feather barring
  • Missing toes
  • Eckie safe plants


  • Heavy Metal Poisoning (HMP)
  • Household dangers
  • Abuse and neglect-there is no excuse

Emergency Care

  • First aid kit
  • Emergency care
  • Crop impactions/stasis

Eclectus Behavior

  • Eckie body language
  • Eye pinning
  • Ghost chasing
  • Bad dreams
  • Freeze!
  • Eyes wide open
  • Zombie kids


  • Showering with your parrot
  • Harness training
  • Recall training
  • Teaching your Eckie to talk

Eclectus Challenges

  • Hormonal Eckies
  • Introducing a second Eckie
  • What to do if your parrot escapes

Play Time

  • It's time to play!

Final Word

About Us

  • Parrot Haven kids
  • About the author
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